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While this may be pegged as a typical cartoony style MMO, it has some features within the game that separate it from the others. Some of it you may or may not enjoy, it really depends on how you stand on the art styling and layout of this game. It might be a simple point and click game but there are a few simple things about it that require some pre-game guide reading on their forums. Those that like to do other things besides combat can take a break and do some fishing or if you want to craft items you'll be able to make a numerous amount of them if you so choose to, you'll just have to see how for yourself. If that doesn't suit you then you can spend some time in pvp or player versus player and even have your own pet you can evolve into a variety of things. There are several aspects of the game that I took a look at.

First things first I'm going to point out some of the things about the graphics and controls, even being cartoony isn't quite enough to cover up for the bits that stick out the most. While zoomed in characters, creatures, NPC's and objects alike are fairly "sketchy" making the pixeled edges stand out noticeably. On the plus side everything else is done quite well aside from dirt and grass being graphically defined but it's not particularly expected from a free to play game, let only a cartoony one. Now about the controls, while being a typical point and click game combos are added in as well making use of the A, S, and D keys in different sequences for added damage and even some rather silly names to them. One of my niches though is the camera, controlled by the right mouse button and the mouse wheel it can get quite annoying trying to get it to face just the right way or distance you want it to. Most everything else is typically controlled through some form of Alt and a key or the quickslots ranging through F1 to F8.

Now about the first part of the interface, this part to be honest is basically the reason for players enjoying Seal Online Cegel , in which it involves the party system, friends list and pet system. Now the interesting bit about Seal Online is their speed party system in which a player can simply click and search through a list of formed parties by name, the party leader, the area, and how many members it allows plus how the exp rate is distributed. Another thing is the party leaders ability to be able to summon fellow party members to their area which is quite convenient until one becomes lvl 30 in which a fee is implied to the person wishing to be summoned. While there may not be an option for the leader to promote someone else to leader, all they have to do is leave the party and rejoin making the next name in the party become the leader then request to be summoned. The friends list also provides much convience in itself, allowing you to see who is or is not online and with a few clicks gives information about the player including their current level, class and what area they are in. You may also create different groups in your friends list if you wanted to separate them for whatever your reason may be. As for pets it's about as simple as clicking your pet when it says it's hungry and feeding it any assorted item you don't need in your inventory though usually it will specify what food it wants which if fed it will make it grow twice as fast. Evolving is quite complicated but is also interesting as you can throw in different ingredients for the evolution and Seal Online Cegel end up with who knows what sort of pet next.

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