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Rosh Online Announced, Sign-up for CBT now

Ignited Games has announced their new mmorpg Rosh Online – The Return of KAROS, and they’re already accepting applicants for closed beta testing.

With my recent disappointment in War of the Immortals, this game has me in a bit of a not so excited mood. Why, you may ask? Well it does seem to feature the same leveling speed via quests, in fact one of the features is “an Ultra-fast Level Up System!”. You also follow through these quests with your helpful navigator, now if this equals an auto-walk system, I am unsure, but needless to say it killed a bit of excitement for me.

It does seem to redeem itself a bit by boasting about guild wars, being that I am a big fan of PVP in any game. There also seems to be an interesting pet system in which you can “grow your pet however you want”,(Rosh Gold) which may mean you can stat it anyway you want. But they will also help you recover HP and loot items from monsters, which, I am more excited over the looting bit than the HP recovery to be honest.

Despite my lack of excitement due to recent events, I do have to admit it may be too soon to judge the game based off the limited information provided. I signed up for cbt, hope some of you do the same, and maybe we will see each other when it opens its doors. To sign up and check out the game, click the link below.

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