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Final Fantasy XIV May Come to Xbox 360, Vita, Mobile

Square said last month that Final Fantasy XIV greatly damaged the Final Fantasy brand, but theyve recently been working on version 2.0 in order to breathe new life into the property. The games produce..


Final Fantasy XIV Preview: the Final Version will be a Fantasy

Final Fantasy XIV offer a 15 minutes gameplay chance for players at GamesCom 09. RPG Site was the lucky one to experience the game and gave a preview. According to their report, the game carried on th..


Square Attempts to Explain Final Fantasy XIV's Foibles

With Square Enix recently extending Final Fantasy XIVs free trial period yet again, for a total of 90 days over the average MMOs 30 days, the company obviously realizes that the game has issues. Final..


Final Fantasy XIV

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Final Fantasy XIV Online Q&A Sheds Light on New MMORPG

At a QA session at E3 Wednesday, the Final Fantasy publisher shared a bit more information about the massively multiplayer 14th installment in the Final Fantasy series.Shinji Hashimoto, senior VP of S..