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Anarchy Online Introduction

Anarchy Online is a big game—a really big game, with thousands of players online at any given time. The game's epic plot unfolds over the course of four years, making AO's storyline perhaps the largest of any game to date. However, as your character is only a minute piece of this grand scheme, you're free--within the limits of your chosen profession--to act as you please. By the very nature of MMORPGs, gameplay is entirely nonlinear. Feel like hunting? Grab some friends and Anarchy Credits go kill some enemies. Money burning a hole in your pocket? Go shopping. Need cash? Take on a mission and  Anarchy Credits earn some. Or just explore the vast expanses of land between inhabited cities on Rubi-Ka. This guide focuses on assisting you create and evolve your early character in an efficient manner, rather than walking you Anarchy Credits  through the game step-by-step. After reading our guide, you'll be ready to enter Rubi-Ka and take an active part in the conflict--for the "evil" Omni-Tek corporation, the rebel clans, or as an undecided, neutral character.

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