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9Dragons, the first authentic martial arts MMO set in ancient China. You join as a poor peasant and through training and 9 dragons gold quests you reach your destiny as a master of the martial arts. 

9Dragons is an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game) - a new generation of computer game where thousands of gamers can inhabit the same world.


Each clan has more than 400 unique martial arts styles and  9 dragons gold over 500 different items of martial arts weaponry. Some clans use unarmed combat while other focus on weapons mastery or even assasination!

Featuring more than 450 various quests, 9Dragons will be adding 20 to 40 quests per month.

The animation uses cutting-edge Key-frame animation technology. Players can punch, kick, chop, spin or execute any of the moves they would see in a 9 dragons gold  martial arts movie.

Mobs and monsters run away from superior players, chase inferior players or commit  9 dragons gold suicide when they get fatally wounded. Some monsters will change their appearance to deceive players. Some use transformation skill to get bigger and stronger.

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