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9 Dragons is a online game with anceint china and kung fu in mind you start your life in the game as a poor "peasnt" when you have reached a certain lvl you may choose a clan the six basic clans are wu tang, the league of beggars, Shaolin, Heavenly Demon, The Brotherhood of theives and Scared flower. The game has 4 role to choose from each have different names in each clan but players came up with sort a easier names e.g. Blue Dragon would be a worrior and Black Tortise would be a Nuker. The game has lost of added bonuses like EXP events and Wars for each server at different times. 9 dragons is the sort of game you have to take in and read the awesome story line for ever clan this makes up the main bulk of the game every clan has their own set of quests and every lvl has a set of quests the only way to understand the game is to do the quests. Another thing that makes this game so good is the PVP area here players can fight out with their different roles for Karama and Respect. I believe 9 dragons had received rewards for this : "best PVP game" "Best Storyline game" and "faviorite company Acclaim All these i qoute from the 9 dragons site.

Like every game 9 dragons has its good points and bad points i am going to give you the good points first il give you the bad points so i can give the good points later to cheer you up.
The Main bad things about this game are similar to everygame with PVP system you can get pked by extrememly high lvls in the PVP area. There are many bugs like every other game it takes time to work them out, time to time the server must be restarted and sometime to be honest it gets boring from grinding to lvl.
Now the good points:
The games pvp system is getting better, the bugs are constantly being worked out and the main GOOD point is the fact Acclaim and Indy 21 are constantly updating and improven the game with lvl cap increases and new contant and new quests.

In summary 99 dragonsis a great authentic martial arts game which players can enjoy time and time again the great atmosphere and new content being brought out over and over again. The game is also great for making friends and having big fun leagues to enjoy events and PVP together.

If you start to play the game i recomend to be open minded and dont judge players by your first impression some people you need time to get to know and become great freinds and their is just some people you cant get along with just grind your teeth and get on with it they will not bother you unless your bother them. Only thing left to say is sit back and enjoy the game as it become better and better.

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